relationships i’ll never get over: lara jean song & peter kavinsky (to all the boys i’ve loved before)

“Do you think there’s a difference? Between belonging with and belonging to?”

Sensei missing his kids so they decided to call him telling him to come home soon since they’re all waiting.

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Karasuno High School Volleyball Club!
Thank you Furudate Sensei for creating such a wonderful serieis and Production IG for animating the first season so beautifully! Let’s all hope for a second season!!



Medusa by Guido Mocafico.


*throws flower petals at you* be my friend


September Book Photo Challenge Day 21: People on the Covers - Lauren Oliver Books

Free! Eternal Summer episode 12 locations: Sydney

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Ah, the joy of having matching covers for the entire DOSAB trilogy.

"Let’s go to the spring tournament!"

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"one, two, three, four, i declare actual war."

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